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MicroCode Studio Plus 4.0

It is designed specifically for microEngineering Labs PICBASIC PRO™ compiler
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Microcode Studio Plus 3.0 is a visual integrated development environment which has an in circuit debugging capability used for micro Engineering labs PICBASIC and PICBASIC PRO compiler. The application has an editor with full syntax highlighting of the code. It also features context sensitive keyword help and syntax hints.

The program has a code explorer which helps in automatic jumping to include files, defines, constants, variables, aliases and modifiers, symbols and labels contained in the respected source code. The other features are full cut, copy paste and undo along with search and replace options. It can identify and correct compilation and assembler errors. It also has a view for serial output from the external microcontroller. It has an additional support for MPASM.

Microcode Studio plus is supplied on a CDROM which includes a boot loader application. The loader helps the user in programming PIC 16F87x (A) and 18Fxxx(x) series of microcontrollers.

Microcode Studio Plus helps the user to set up compiler, assembler and programmer options. It also has auto search feature which can do all the work involved. The error results window helps the user to easily identify the errors and correct them. If the user clicks on the compilation error, Microcode studio would jump to line location of the error. It helps the users to view and debug the serial output from their microcontrollers. There is no need for any hardware programmer. It has a full set of ICD models.

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